Anal sex forbidden pleasure.

There is a different feeling between men and women doing anal sex. It gives a spicy touch compared to traditional vagina sex. Sex Anal has this taboo touch that increases your attraction.

For a series of blogs we have chosen more common fantasies, which can be fulfilled by our escort ladies from Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and other corners of Spain. Well we start with fantasy of anal sex or some usually call Greek.

How is sexo anal ?

 Sexo anal is generally insertion of the penis a year from a person to have sexual pleasure. There are other ways, too, in which erotic toys are used for penetration. There is also oral sex to the anus and it is called anilingus. Pegging is another sexual practice where a woman anally penetrates a man with a strap-on or strap-on dildo. Research shows that anal sex among gay men is more frequent than in heterosexual relationships.

Do Agency escorts girls perform Greek service?

Some of our ladies if they perform anal service or in another way is called “Greek”, but not all. Because it is a delicate service it is impossible to guarantee in advance, that it will be as you expect. There are many factors that influence this. Penis size, physical condition of the client and most importantly if the lady feels comfortable and ready.

Most of our girls perform prostate massages stimulating with fingers or toys. Each escort decides whether to mark a supplement for anal service and the rate. The supplement or “extra” is not subject to the agency commission and depends solely on the girl.

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Tricks to have good anal sex with escort girl.

-Inform us. If you explain clearly that you are looking for anal sex service, we will advise you the girls who are open to this service.

– Gel or lubricant. For the enjoyment and pleasure of both, it is best to use lubricant that will allow penetration without displeasure.

– You both have to be relaxed and excited to have good anal sex.
– Don’t expect it to be like in a porn movie. Actually anal sex is more delicate and requires delicacy.

-In difference between men and women, men have a prostate. This is why anal stimulation can be more exciting and emotional for men.

– Hygiene is also important to have good Greek. Once you do anal sex, you do not perform vaginal penetration without washing or changing the condom.

They are simple tips to have a good sex with an escort and for that meeting it will be a pleasure for both of you.

What are you waiting for to try anal sex with an escort?

All men like new, more daring experiences, which you are ashamed to tell and try with your partner. Maybe you just see your slut does not share with you the desire to practice your fantasies, that’s why at your disposal we have more hot and daring escort ladies. The escorts have great experience and want to please you and fulfill all fantasies …

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