Juegos eróticos con disfraces

Erotic games with costumes, join the fun!

Why dress up only on Halloween, when there are multiple possibilities? Really using erotic games together with costumes can be an experience full of burning passion, so get ready to live an adventure as a new character.
Costumes allow you to explore different possibilities.
Who do you want to be? Batman, Superman, a teacher, a student, a worker, the president, an Arab sheik, the possibilities are endless! In addition, your partner or the escort in erotic games with a costume can give in to dressing up as whatever you want.
A geisha, Catwoman, a vampire, there are a lot of options to let your imagination run wild.

You can have an erotic theme party and have fun like never before!

One of the most interesting things about erotic dress up games is that you can have an erotic themed party. Representing your favorite movie, or a video of the singer you like the most, a specific date, like the 1930s, and, if you hire escorts as couples, the party will be complete!

Let your guests arrive dressed up and enjoy some of the party, getting to know the girls, then at the time you indicate, for example, when a certain song plays, they will start a sensual dance, and then the party will be over! will become an interesting waste of pleasure. you will see what an unforgettable meeting will be like!
How about an orgy like in ancient Rome? Or if you are more demure, you can establish roles with your partner or with an escort through costumes, for example, you can be a vampire and she your victim, or you can be the teacher and she your daring student or vice versa, how many! wonderful possibilities!

Erotic games with costumes, join the fun

Of course, it is important that you have some things in mind to enjoy these erotic games with costumes:

Try not to have too many attachments, the easier it is to remove them, the better! Well, when things get hot, the last thing you want to have is a drawstring that won’t budge or a zipper that can get stuck and even pinch you in the most delicate places.
In fact, there are pages specialized in erotic costumes that take this point into account and usually use velcro or snap fasteners for the joints, which is extremely sensual because you can literally rip off the clothes in a moment of infinite passion.

Look for stimulating costumes, they are everywhere!

There are costumes that have interesting accessories, for example, the genie of the lamp usually comes with aromatic massage oils, or if it doesn’t come with them, you can add them, creating a very special and relaxed atmosphere.
The police costume is very interesting to start exploring soft sadomasochism, in the form of a game, with handcuffs, and the role of the policeman and the criminal who must submit to him.
Erotic games with costumes are a good strategy to escape from the routine and let yourself be carried away by the moment. Are you the sexy firefighter? The pizza guy who gets paid with sex? The doctor who sees a patient with a fever that won’t subside? choose your role, dress up and enjoy!