If you are thinking of hiring a luxury escort , it is worth receiving some advice so that your experience is really wonderful and you want to repeat it, so take note and get ready to enjoy all your fantasies

Check the profile of the lady and look at all the services offered

When you go to hire a luxury escort , organize your ideas. Think first what your goal is, because if you want her as a companion in a meeting, in a restaurant, to spend a night of romance or for your passionate fantasies and based on that, look for the type of woman you like or that you want this time. Look closely at everything it offers, as not all of them provide the same services.

Some for example do not participate in trios, others do not perform massages, so it depends on what you want and what she offers, keep in mind that seduction and pleasure should be for both.

Access to the escort agency is done through the website, in this way, you can see the photos of each lady with complete peace of mind. Look also at the description of the girls, not only brings their measurements but also what they do and much more interesting information about the lady.

Speak frankly, but with respect

A luxury escort is a pleasure that only great men can give for what they expect from you a respectful treatment. In the escort agencies await your call and when talking with the person in charge, you must be clear about what girl or girls you want, indicating their name, the services you want, clearly and without any shame since In the agencies they give you enough confidence to do so, the time and place where they will meet. This way everything will be according to your taste and you will spend a wonderful time with the companion of your choice.