Sexo o dinero

Sex or money, what most attracts women who are dedicated to the Escort service?

The Escort service has many nuances since the luxury escorts are dedicated not only to providing sexual favors, but also to accompany men of money on their business or pleasure trips. We reveal that it is what most attract women, sex or money.

The stereotypes of men about escort girls.

Escort’s concept aims to go beyond the stereotype of a prostitute in poverty, and rather associate women of great beauty with high cultural levels and good manners who can act as companions in high social circles, which is why she is often hired for periods long periods of time and with high profits.

Many men hire luxury escorts to receive emotional attention both in recreation areas and in bed. Some even only seek to have an emotional contact, to feel with a better self-esteem for being accompanied by an absolutely stunning woman.

Sex or money

Secret revealed by an escort

Hanna is a successful luxury Escort, and we have asked her if what attracts her most in this life is money or sex.

“I like both. In this job you have to enjoy both things and the moment, knowing that you are going to meet wealthy and wonderful men who do not want to establish an emotional bond with you. Many see us as therapy, for which they pay a fee and we both get benefits.

Some clients hire me because their partner no longer satisfies them, they don’t have it, and they even want to explore their sexuality. Want to know their limits, make their fantasy come true openly, without prejudice, without feeling judged and with a woman who has no limits ”

The escort service is spreading around the world, and of course it is for a reason, the girls want to have fun and make money! In high class agencies you can find the most luxurious girls who want to try to earn money and enjoy sex.