Escorts orientales.

Oriental escorts, very exotic beauties!

Oriental women have a particular beauty, the delicate color of their skin and their eyes with a submissive and romantic look. Oriental girls do not stop attracting attention wherever they go, and in the vip Mallorca agency you will find the most beautiful oriental escorts you can imagine.

Beauty and culture of an oriental escorts

An oriental luxury escort is a real treasure, they are experts in the love arts and they do not have any type of shame in touching you in special points of the digit puncture that will definitely make you crazy.

In addition, their knowledge of protocol is really wonderful, they will always make you look good in any type of meeting. They are extremely discreet and know how to behave. Due to their culture they are usually of a very sweet and romantic character.

Oriental escorts.

Geisha. Oldest profession in the world.

Initially, the geisha were dedicated to being ladies in the company and knew arts such as music and dance to entertain guests at tea ceremonies or any other activity that the wealthy could sponsor, however, some of them were also taught the art of love feats, being one of the best and longed for lovers of ancient Japan.

The geishas culturally have a traditional makeup, with a white base, in addition to their highly highlighted lips and eyes, also complemented by their characteristic kimono, ending with wooden shoes.

Why do customers like oriental girls?

Oriental VIP escorts are the perfect complement between sensuality and sexuality. They are usually very expert in bed, but they are also delicate and feminine, they are also thin and not very tall, which is why many Latino men prefer them. Also many European and Latino men are looking for something exotic and want to try a new culture, out of their reach.

In addition, their high culture training and the ease of acting also as translators and escorts gives them a great advantage that you will surely want to enjoy.